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Sorry if anyone’s already posted this, but I’ve been reading more about mental health acceptance, or ‘Mad Pride’, groups in the US, and through this great article about Liz Spikol et al, I found out about this:

BonkersFest! 2008 ‘De-normalisation: The next civil rights movement?’

Date: Saturday 7th June 2008
Location: London (at the old site of Bedlam!) Bedlam, The Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, Lambeth Road, London SE1 & at exactly the same time and date in four other parts of the UK! (I’m working on finding out where they are now, and will post as soon as I know)

And for those who can’t make Saturday, there’s also the BonkersFest! Tea Party – Camberwell Green, London SE5 on Sunday June 8th 2008 – presumably there as it’s very close to the Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital (where I used to work as PA to the Dean, oo er)…

The blurb from the site:
BonkersFest! – the acclaimed annual arts and music festival opens a public space to a roaring creative vortex. A celebration of the pure embrace of both art and madness working to a single end, the moral purpose that great art embodies and a truly joyful exaltation of madness, creativity, the expression of individuality and diversity.

“Bonkersfest!…a huge success, you should be very proud of yourselves” – Jo Brand

So, does anyone fancy going, praps as a Crazy Like Us? group?

p.s. Toe still too buggered, according to various medical professionals, to run on. I’m going back to the doctor today, so will post results of that one later. They want to put me back on SSRIs for my anxiety…


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