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So, I finished my two essays on Monday, and it was tough and pretty horrible, but they’re in now..!

That evening, I may have had a little drink, to celebrate. Now, I’m clumsy and poorly co-ordinated at the best of times – I have dyspraxia, which is immaturity of motor neurone connections in the brain, and means that things like playing tennis, where you have to try and judge distance using something extended from your body at a moving object, is kind of really not possible for me. I have a total phobia of team sports because I know my body will let me, and the whole team, down. It’s like, even if my brain is telling my body what to do, the calculations always seem out.

Anyway, as I was walking out of the lounge to go upstairs to bed on Monday night, my calculations messed up bigstyle, and my right foot slammed into the door jamb. All my toes are fine, except the fourth one, which was throbbing with pain that night, and has since gone green, blue, greeny blue, bluey black, black and now is greyish. It has also gone from the size of a chipolata, back to almost normal, since Monday. Still, as I’ve either broken it (little toes notoriously break easily and are hardly ever even x-rayed by hospitals) or just really badly bruised it, jogging has been out.

Which has really sucked. My best friend, Anthea, has signed up to do the run now, and we’re going to do it, possibly with my Dad (both are fitter than me!), which means I really need to start training. Only if I run on my toe before it’s better, it’s just going to prolong the whole healing process. Sigh. At the moment, I can walk on it almost normally, with a slight limp. But such are things, yunno. A combination of a bit of celebration booze and a few crappy neurones have conspired to dock me a week, but it’s not the end of the world. I’m going to keep telling myself that, anyway…

In the meantime, mentally this week has been really hard, and I wish I could have done some running. I recently saw a report which said that exercise actually cuts your chances of feeling blue or depressed by a third. ONE THIRD. That’s amazing… I’ll keep you guys posted, anyway, and once the swelling’s gone down and the bruise is pretty much gone, I’ll strap the trainers back on again. Hope you’re all doing ok, and *hugs* to anyone who’s not.


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