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3rd jog

Just got back from my third jog, and it all went well. I think at the moment a combination of my enthusiasm starting a new thing combined with it being a fairly short distance has meant that I’m confident and committed. Watch all that change on Sunday for the 25 minuter!

I remembered a fact earlier, by the way, that I thought I’d share with you all. Do you ever get fed up of hearing about men being ‘better’ at sport – faster, stronger, etc.? It annoys me, anyway. One debate has been raging, however, which women may well win:

Are women better than men at long distance running?

Now this hasn’t been proved completely, yet, but more and more evidence is coming forward to show that women’s endurance is higher than that of their male competitors. Women have also had a very late start – we were only allowed to compete in marathons in the 1980s, due to the belief that women didn’t have the endurance capability. By the 90s, people were already raising eyebrows at just how good women were. So we’ve gone from ‘not having the capability’ to ‘possibly having a better capability’ in less than twenty years? I’m intrigued.

For anyone who’s interested in this, here are a few articles on the topic.

Are Women Catching Up With Men?

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